Direct Taxt

Direct Taxes is the biggest tax burden for corporates and non-corporates in any counrty. Tax burden can be two types. First, meeting the tax outflow financially. Second, complying with the different tax laws.

This is more so in India, wherein the country is undergoing a rapid transformation in terms of globalization, liberalisation, technology implementation and dynamic legislations. Our comprehensive services means you have all of this dynamic information at your finger tips.

Our multi-disciplinary tax teams help you in Corporate Tax Advisory and Tax & Regulatory Compliance. We will provide assitance in planning your tax outflow systematically while complying with all tax laws.

Direct Taxes Services :

  • Assistance in filing Tax Returns under various laws, viz., Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Expenditure Tax, Interest Tax, Direct Tax Code, etc.
  • Customizing your ERP / Accounting Systems & help in compliance of the tax laws with respect to Record Maintenance.
  • Services for compling Withholding Tax (Tax Deduction at Source - TDS) including filing of returns.
  • Tax Planning services to reduce your taxes while complying with the laws of the land.
  • Conducting Tax Audits under the Income Tax Laws or other laws.
  • Consultancy with respect to tax laws, providing professional opinions on tax matters.
  • Obtaining Advance rulings and assistance in tax litigations.
  • Guidance for International Taxation aspects:- Cross border transactions are the order of the day. This creates specialised knowledger requirements, with respect to international taxation. Please visit our International Taxation Services page for more information.