About Us

We, at BALUBHAI AMBALAL SHAH & CO. has been working since 1987 as an Income tax &Sales Tax consultant (known as Vat Tax consultant). Apart from that we have diversified our profession in accounting & Auditing solutions since 2000.

To cope up with the legal matters and diversify our work and to cover up large number of clients we also taken professional services from many chartered accounting firm, to provide our clients best of best services at a single place.

We are a Knowledge Process Outsourcing firm from India. Our domain is Finance and Accounting processes. Our focus is on the area of our expertise. We concentrate our attention on a limited spectrum of finance and accounting processes, but we endeavor to deliver better than the best.

Balubhai Ambalal Shah & Co is founded by Income tax Practitioner and Accounting Professionals who have the depth of the subject and wide exposure to various industries for Financial services.

Balubhai Ambalal Shah & Co. was born out of strong conviction that Outsourcing is a business necessity for even small and medium enterprises. Benefits of outsourcing like lower costs, faster turnaround time and focus on core functions are hard to be ignored. Outsourcing has become a key driver in redefining strategies to respond to the new challenges thrown up by the fast changing business environment.

Balubhai Ambalal Shah & Co. recognized the need for answering the outsourcing requirement of small and medium enterprises. Big players in the Outsourcing Industry cater exclusively to large Companies. Outsourcing needs of SME s like lower costs, faster responses, smooth process transition and above all a personalized service can be best provided by only a small outsource service provider. 

Balubhai Ambalal Shah & Co. took its roots with a firm resolve of being more than just a Service Provider- being a Partner with the client in progress. Our approach, our work culture, our technology and the methods we employ are therefore client centric-always.

We invite you to test us and share the fruits of outsourcing.