• A spacious and modern office.
  • Located in the heart of University Town in Western India, assuring continuous availability of skilled     manpower.
  • Just 50 Minutes drive from Ahmedabad International Air Port
  • Power Back Up available.
  • High Speed Broad Band Connectivity.



  • Dual Core P IV PCs with latest technology
  • Network Firewall protection
  • Secured data access



  • Usage of licensed software
  • Access to current accounting software like Tally9.0 (ERP), Miracle, Busy
  • User friendly web interfaces to facilitate easy and secure access for clients to track data, status of work and connectivity.



Your Security concerns are taken very seriously by us. We have a multi layer security set up. We employ secure technology, practice sound security policy and have a continuous monitoring to ensure that a high level of security is maintained.
Our Security set up comprises:  

Physical Security

  • Access restrictions in the Work Center
  • Employees and Visitors undergo screening
  • No unauthorized data storage media allowed in the work center.
  • No paper, cell phone, ipods or any other data writing media allowed in the Work Center.

Data Security

  • Secure Network access.
  • Secure Application access.

Network Security

  • Firewall Protected Network
  • Using SSL for data access and transmission.
  • Access to Internet from Network restricted.

Desktop Security

  • Restricted access to source documents.
  • Fax Transmission from Work center not allowed.
  • No e mail/ web access to PCs used inside the Work Centers.
  • No Printing capability inside the Work Center.
  • User PC s without floppy/CD Rom drives, USB Port
  • Regular updating of antivirus software.