Auditing Assurance

We provide following audit and assurance services to our clients :

  1. Information System Audit

    Human resource and compliance audit. all most all organisation have serious lapses on account of compliance of law relating to human resources, women employment, wages , overtime payments, social security etc., corporate generally takes that just by complying with PF, ESI, professional taxes is enough, there are various compliances which if not complied with may lend the management /company into serious trouble. In few cases there is provisions for non bale able warrant against Owner/occupier.

  2. Corporate internal auditor

    As corporate internal auditor in India , we provide value added services to clients in all spheres of organisation. Internal systems, Internal control, Internal rules & regulations are checked to verify efficiency in system and measures to prevent inefficiency are suggested.

    We consider our Internal audit parameters as best for any size of corporate in any Industry.

    We are focused firm of internal auditor for Internal audit in Bangalore and other metros in India.

  3. Statutory audits under, VAT audit

    Certification of Financial Statements under Indian/US GAAP.

    Internal / concurrent Audit with value added business transformations reports, if required.

    Management audit, special audit, operational efficiency audit.

    STPI / EOU Compliance and Certification

    Due diligence reviews / Certification.

    Audit of accounts prepared as per Indian Accounting Standard/International Accounting standard/US GAAP Fraud Investigations Services.