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Digital Signature Certificates are also like hand written signatures. They are used to establish the identity of a person executing a particular document. In Manual of handwritten signatures, the identity of the person executing the document is established by observing the distinct style in which he writes his name. Similar thing happens in the case of Digital Signatures also.

When a person signs a document / file / email using Digital Signature Certificate, that particular document is encrypted using 2 unique keys. At the same time it also takes the details of the signing person from the DSC like Name, Email and affixes them to that document along with Date and time of signing. The document is designed in such a way that once signed the document cannot be modified. This give 2 assurances. One is pertaining to who & when a document is signed and second to the content of the document to which the DSC holder affixed his signature.

In India the issue of DSCs is controlled by The Controller of Certifying Authorities. We are providing services of issuing Digital Signatures which are authorised by the Controller of Certifying Authorities.

Uses of Digital Signature Certificates :

  • Can be used to file all kinds of filing under MCA21. Please visit our Corporate Services for more details.
  • Filing your income tax returns under the Income tax act.
  • Soon more tax filings like service tax, vat, excise are going to be covered under filing with digital signature.
  • Issuing Form 16 to all of your employees can be done using digital signatures. It will reduce the burden of issuing TDS Certificates.
  • Similarly, Form 16As also can be issued using Digital Signature Certicates.


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